A bit of self-promotion... :)

It's been a while

Hello current and future followers of this here blog,

As you can see from the posting dates IT HAS BEEN a while since I last posted something on my blog. And I have even switched to another blog that is more oriented to my expertise. So NO MORE "Darko's Blog", meet the "So U're Networking Blog" *insert fanfare here* TADA DA DAAAAA!!!

So what has happened to poor ol' me that I wasn't able to blog... Well, I am currently attending the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator course in Belgrade (the capital of my country), and since it last from September to February I haven't been able to find some decent time to give into my blogging.

How is the course going you ask? Why my dear readers ... I thought you would never ask!

To this date I have passed three out of six exams needed for my MCITP: EA certificate. So three down, three to go!

I later posts I will share my experiences with the certification tests to the world!

Yeah, and wish me luck in finding a job after this certification is over, because I quit my boring "130 computer workgroup windows/linux/9x administrator" job ... For 250 euros a month it was just to much to handle ...

Well, it's getting late, and this magic potion they call coffee is starting to wear off. So I guess I'm gonna hit the sack.
Bye bye and see ya in a later post.


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