A bit of self-promotion... :)

My first blog ...

Hi, and hello Well, this is THE start of my new (hopefully) successful weBLOG. I'm gonna try my best for this one not to turn up like many other dead blogs out there in the internet. Really gonna try and put my mark on the internet, and maybe entertain and (even) educate someone. If you like what you see, all I need is a thanks. :)

So... What is gonna be in this blog? Hmmm... An interesting question. Well, even I don't quite know what will I put in, but be sure it will be entertaining. The only thing is, to whom will it be interesting.

Let's put in a few words about myself...
Well, as you can see my name is Darko, I come from a town of Subotica. I am an IT professional, for some years now ( I am a begginer though ). Yep, thats all you need to know, now. Don't expect to know my favourte books, movies, music and meals ... Heh, that is not interesting, trust me. ;)

Well, that should wrap it up now... Oh yeah, if you see a post in Serbian, don't get alarmed. I maybe wanna let of some steam, so it is quite easier to write in Serbian ;)

'till next time

P.S. - That guy in the picture tasting the Hungarian Gulash, yep ... Thats me!

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