A bit of self-promotion... :)

Happy 11111011010 (2010 for the rest of us) :)

Hello there So U're Networking followers,

I have been off for a few weeks due to the holiday season kicking in like crazy! So as my first address to you all, I wanna wish you the best in the new year.
I hope many of you that are on a path to IT certification and learning will make your goal and be the best you can be.

I need to gloat a bit... Well, now I only have ONE exam left to go till I get my MCITP: Enterprise Administrators Certificate. WooHoo :) Thank you, thank you.

I hope that in this year I acquire a CCNA certificate and get a decent job (anyone?).
For the rest of you ... Well we all have our individual goals wee follow, and life would be worthless without goals, so hip hip hooray for goals :)

'till next time,


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