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Microsoft exam 83-640

I've started my MCITP: Enterprise Administrator course in September this year... Easily passing my exams I was happy.

Then November came, time to take the MCTS: Active Directory, Configuring exam. Typical, just listen carefully on the course practice at home a bit and it will all be just fine and dandy.
So, that day (let's just say its November 17th) i go to prometric.com to schedule and pay for my exam. Browsing trough the site i pick MCTS 70-640, when all of a sudden ... No English language to pick (?!)
Hmmm ?! What is this... After consulting some blogs and forums I have found out that there is NO MORE 70-640, but now it's 83-640... Yep you guessed it, it comes with Virtual (freakin') labs.
Ok, nothing else to do but to schedule that one.
On the 18th of November i came to the testing center ("CET" in Belgrade, Serbia. Which is the one of the two testing centers in Serbia, and probably the best one), and to figure out that I am the first dude in Serbia to take this exam. Hmm, sounds interesting. Even the test administrator was eager to see the 83-640 in action.
Test starts ...
After two Virtual Labs, which are slow as Economic reforms are in Serbia, i got 30 questions. Typical. Hour and a half per Virtual lab and only an hour for the questions.
The main thing was, that the Virtual Labs DIDN'T crash!!! Weee ^_^
Fearing for the worst, that I didn't pass, I was eager to see the results.
When it Struck me ... "Test results cannot be displayed at this moment" WHAT!!?!
Ah c*ap!!! Well I quickly went over to the Test Admin, he was confused as well as I was, only he wasn't as pissed off.
After several attempts to receive any good info from the ProMetric support. I went home...
I was so angry that I will have to wait few days to find out whether I have passed or NOT.

A friend, suggested that I check the prometric website, and look into "Candidate History", so lookey here... I HAVE PASSED! Weeeee ^_^
But no test score, heh, who gives a rats ass about a score. I passed!
So, that is the story of the First Serbia 83-640 Exam!

Any comments, what are your experiences with this exam?

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