A bit of self-promotion... :)

THE Microsoft Virtual Business Cards

*Tamda da daaaaa* *Fanfare*

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present, the long awaited ... Microsoft VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD !!! *Crowd goes wild* *Applause*

Ok, enough dramatization.
Yes you got it right, the Microsoft VBC are at last available. MCT's and Loyal borntolearn blog fans got the heads-up on this one. So I am using this opportunity to give a shout to any MCP out there to check this out : MCPVBCWebsite

You can already see that my VBC is setup at the top of the blog page. A nice looking thingy, pretty customizable (not fully, but ok).
Also you generate a profile page which seems ok, simple but good.

The borntolearn blog community has followed this event thoroughly, and in despite of last minute problems this tool was online with just 35 minutes lag ... Great Debuggers! :)

Well it's late, so I'm off ... Just waiting for the professional responses.

Se ya later


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